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Post  AdminAndrea on Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:18 pm

1. If beggars can not be tolerated! (Whatever form)

2. If you find an error please let the forum and be patient!

3. Forbidden to enter the territory of the opposing faction! If you enter without asking Bann! (Verify with photo)

4. The three exceptions to the rule in any area of the abyss!

5. If you see something suspicious hacker or you can write if you need! (Verify with photo)

6. Do not forget to vote!

7. Not accusatory to the GM or the admin likes it better with the item from him! (All GM Admin and impartial help to anyone ... I do not like that stuff)

8. Be patient!

9. Take into account that Dodo and I (Andrea) are doing everything (development, etc.), therefore it is our honor to somewhere! Rather than just bitching about the bad! ---> so if there is another server!

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